Music and Media Finland is a documentary film made by polish film studio – Motion Pikczer: with cooperation of polish music showcase festival Nordland Art Festival – – Executive Producer of the film.

The film was recorded during our trip to Finland, where we participated in Music and Media 2011 – representing polish music industries.

Music and Media Finland is the most important Finish event – music conference, based in Tampere, designed for the music, and related music industries, which is organized in cooperation with Lost in Music Ltd and Music Export Finland. Among special guests of Music & Media 2011 was Harvey Goldsmith – promotor of U2, Queen, Madonna, Coldplay, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, who had genial interview during festival, and the second guest was Artemi Troyski, russian journalist and promotor of finish acts on the russian ground. Artemi Troyski during Music and Media 2011, received award, for the promotion activity of finish music scene, on the russian area.

Official webpage of Music and Media:

“Music and Media Finland is still the number one European showcase and networking event in our diary. The attention to detail and the overall organisation is second to none.”
-Eric Cook (The Global Music Group Limited, UK)

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