Nordland Art Festival is an idea of showcase music festival. By this festival we want to build a music round table around Nordic, Scandinavian, Baltic, and European countries area. The second idea of this festival is to connect polish music industry with global music industry, by promoting polish music internationally. In next few years, festival will be involved in promotion activities regarding young bands and musicians which will represent, Poland, Norway, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, France, Belgium, and Italy . By the invitation of music professionals from record labels, music managements, music agents, music media, we will also aim in building a music platform which will be very helpful with contacting music professionals.

NAF in a nutshell :  our festival is the best place on the map of polish festivals, where you can find music promoters, music agents from music managements, delegates from music labels, film directors, all from scandinavian, nordic, european and baltic countries. During festival we are planning concerts , music showcases, presentation of music promoters, and some music film presentations.

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